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PROFS. C. F. TOLMAN AND A. F. ROGERS, of the Leland Stanford University, California, have issued a small volume in the University Series of Publications entitle

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Sedimentary deposits. Magmatic Segregation. Magmatic Segregation, or separation and concentration of the ore from the cooling, crystallizing rock m

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Magmatic ore deposits, also known as orthomagmatic ore deposits, are deposits within igneous rocks or along their contacts in which ore minerals crystalli

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Magmatic Base Metals Deposits Chrome - Nickel/Copper - Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Magmatic Deposits are so named because they are genetically linked wi

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Definition of magmatic ore deposit. An ore deposit formed by magmatic segregation, generally in mafic rocks and layered intrusions, as crystals of metall

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Magmatic Deposits deposits of minerals formed deep in the earth's crust during the solidification and crystallization of basic or alkaline magma con

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Magmatic segregation can also take place as a result of the separation of sulphide and silicate liquids. Sulphide and silicate liquids are i

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In mineral deposit: Magmatic cumulates. Magmatic segregation is a general term referring to any process by which one or more minerals become locally

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An ore deposit may be either of igneous or of sedimentary origin. Some deposits are related to metamorphic processes and are as such classified as depo

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Definition of magmatic segregation Concentration of crystals of a particular mineral (or minerals) in certain parts of a magma during its cooling and crystalliz

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magmatic-segregation deposit Concentration of particular minerals in different parts of a magma chamber during consolidation, by gravity sett

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the formation and segregation of two groups associated with ultra-basic and acidic magma. ... ilmenite and magnetite deposits). The mineral depos

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May 17, 2016· magmatic deposits - economic geology 1. magmatic deposits in reference to india 2. what are magmatic deposits? magmatic deposits are accumul

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In the previous chapter we have described some of the mineral deposits that have formed by magmatic activity, often by segregation within the magma chamber its

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Mineral deposit - Mineral deposit - Magmatic cumulates: Magmatic segregation is a general term referring to any process by which one or more minerals beco

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