minerals can not be scratched with a knife

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So minerals of that hardness and greater can not be tested on it – they'll only scratch it. Some geologists use a file to test the streak of minerals with a

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Feb 06, 2020· 3 -- Can be cut easily with a knife or a nail, scratched by a penny (calcite) 4 -- Can be scratched easily by a knife (fluorite) 5 -- Can be

Which mineral is harder than calcite but wont scratch a knife?

INTERMEDIATE - Minerals that cannot be scratched with a fingernail but can be scratched with a steel nail. HARD - Minerals that cannot be scr

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Topaz is a common mineral with a hardness of 8 on the Moh's hardness scale. This means it can scratch glass and cannot be scratched with a knife

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Table IB: Minerals with Metallic or Submetallic Luster & Hardness greater than 2½, but less than 5½: (Will not easily mark paper, but can be scra

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"That which scratches is harder than that which has been scratched." "Objects of equal hardness can be scratched with difficulty." How to perform the scratch te

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May 17, 2013· Which of the following minerals can you scratch with a knife blade but not with a copper coin? Check all that apply. A.fluorite. B.cal

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Very easily scratched with a knife and/or a copper coin. This is where most Marbles, limestones, travertines, rate. 4: Fluorite: Can be scratched by a knife.

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What hardness has a mineral that can scratch gypsum and can be scratched by calcite? Activity 13. Sort lowest to highest hardness of the following mineral

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You mentioned two "silver colored" minerals. One harder than a knife blade, the other softer and easily scratched. The hardness of cobaltite is 5.5, which is s

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This is determined by a minerals ability to scratch another rock, or on the other hand, a minerals ability to resist scratching. The softest mi

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Hardness: 4 (cannot be scratched by fingernail or penny, can be scratched by a steel knife) Cleavage: 4 directions, but your sample may be bad; Cla

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Mineral Hardness Test Video . A simpler version of the Mho's scale can be established using three types of hardness: SOFT - Minerals that can be scratched w

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Test your mineral specimen by trying to scratch it with your fingernail. If it doesn't scratch, next try a copper penny. If you are able to scratch your specim

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Helpful Hardness Tips. It is generally beneficial to tumble rocks of the same kind or of the same hardness together. Jaspers, Agates and Quartzes all have a har

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