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Example 17: Start, Stop, Report, Altering Extract ...

For RAC, read for specific thread: ALTER EXTRACT ext3, THREAD 4, BEGIN 2015-07-13: For rac environments if you want extract process reads from thread 4 for th

Golden gate 12c Trouble shooting and GGSCI Commands

Golden gate 12c Trouble shooting and GGSCI Commands ... ALTER EXTRACT e_src, THREAD 4, BEGIN 2012-03-09. Alters extract thread & start date for RAC.


Apr 12, 2017· Ggsci> ALTER EXTRACT ext1, UPGRADE INTEGRATED TRANLOG Roll back step if you want to downgrade use below DOWNGRADE INTEGRATED TRANLO

Oracle GoldenGate basics - Rackspace

Extract. The extract process involves data extraction, which is called data capture in GoldenGate. Extract is the process that is configured to run


Oct 09, 2016· GGSCI 271> alter extract ext_ir etrollover Reposition the extract based on the timestamp from pump status(See STEP 1) when the process hanged.T

GoldenGate switchover & failover tips

GoldenGate Switchover and Failover Moving users from the primary to the standby site is performed as a planned (switchover) or unplanned (failover) situation.

Oracle Notes: Oracle GoldenGate - Positioning a Read of ...

Ex.: ALTER EXTRACT finance, EXTSEQNO 26, EXTRBA 338 You can change any of the attributes specified with the ADD EXTRACT command, except for

GoldenGate – GREPORA

Oldest redo log file necessary to restart Extract is: Redo Log Sequence Number 616, RBA 135673360 ----- XID: 92.1.1460254 Items: 1 Extract: GREPOR

GoldenGate -

1、rba,checkpoint alter EXT_ALO,extseqno 17,extrba 9194144,thread 1 alter EXT_ALO,extseqno 10,extrba 5740032,thread 2 2、recovery checkpoint alter EXT_

Dilip's Oracle DBA Blog: Golden Gate Commands

Jul 07, 2013· ggsci> alter extract fin, begin 2013-02-16 ggsci> alter extract fin, etrollover ggsci> alter extract fin, extseqno 26, extrba 338 ggsc

Oracle GoldenGate - Integrated Capture

GGSCI (vm4) 2> REGISTER EXTRACT ex2 DATABASE 2013-04-19 14:04:01 INFO OGG-02003 Extract EX2 successfully registered with database at SCN 2109330. Add Ext

GoldenGate - extract PROCESS ABENDING | Oracle Community

Aug 28, 2017· Thanks for the update. If archive files from ARC94890_0754102402.001 available in backup and restore to local system, then command will be al

GoldenGate Commands: Extract | Jianming Li

Apr 19, 2010· GoldenGate Commands: Extract. Posted on April 19, 2010 by Jianming Li. ... ALTER EXTRACT Syntax ALTER EXTRACT group name [, ADD EX

ALTER EXTRACT - Oracle Help Center

ALTER EXTRACT finance, EXTSEQNO 26, EXTRBA 338. The following alters Extract in an Oracle RAC environment, and applies the new begin point only for r

Oracle High Availability: ALTER REPLICAT

Jan 27, 2016· Use ALTER REPLICAT to change the attributes of a Replicat group that was created with the ADD REPLICAT command.Before using this command, sto

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