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Emission- and Climate-related units Unit Symbol Emissions Metric tonnes t CO 2 Emissions Metric tonnes CO 2 tCO 2 CO 2-equivalent Emissions Metric tonnes

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emission factors are developed by multiplying the emission factors in Table A-3 and A-4 by the default heat content of the fuels, which is also shown i

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Typically, greenhouse gas emissions are reported in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO. 2. e). Gases are converted to CO. 2. e by multiplying by

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Grain elevators and feed mills emission calculations . ... and multiplying that by a factor of 1.2; that calculated capacity can then be used for each

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type in a defined area multiplied by the appropriate fugitive emission factor. The emission rate for a component type must also be speciated for the c

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1.5-2 EMISSION FACTORS 07/08 Formation of N2O during the combustion process is governed by a complex series of reactions and its formation is dependent upo

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2. The annual operating hours will be multiplied by the Emissions Factor to calculate the Actual Emissions. 3. If a Title V permit was obtained

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This truck fuel consumption factor is multiplied by the heavy-duty diesel vehicle combustion emission factor from Canada's National GHG Inventory Report 1990-20

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6 Kerosene AP-42 does not contain kerosene-specific emission factors. Therefore, distillate fuel oil factors were multiplied by the ratio of kerosene t


Average emission factors – petroleum marketing terminal. ... Emissions Factors for Equipment Leak Fugitive Components ... Therefore, you may nee

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The number in each group is multiplied by the appropriate average emission factor in Table 5.1, and the total emissions estimate for the marketing t


emissions rate calculated was then multiplied by the heating value for propane or butane (in MMBtu/thousand gallons) to produce an emission facto

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Emission Factors EMFAC2011-SG, version 1.0 [September 19, 2011 - updated January 2013] Back

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Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA) is a Microsoft Access database application providing emission factors, i.e. the specific emissions

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Sep 29, 2017· Results. Using the new emissions factors, we estimate global livestock emissions of 119.1 ± 18.2 Tg methane in 2011; this quantity is

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